June 19th, 2009

The Philanthropic Roundtable has released a report arguing against the concept that a foundation’s assets are publicly owned.  The article claims that the tax exempt status, state charter, and charitable purpose of private foundations do not allow legislatures to use the public assets argument to impose their will on foundations.

The report from the Philanthropic Rountable

A summary of the report published yesterday

USIAD has built roads, hydroelectric power plants, and other infrastructure projects successfully, but has had less success at directly improving the welfare of the Afghan people.  Wasteful spending and failed projects have led the Obama administration to reevaluate the way in which USAID operates in Afghanistan.

US Pursues a New Way to Rebuild in Afghanistan

A federal appeals court found that the chairman of the Groves Community Healthcare Foundation was liable for over $400,000 in unpaid employment taxes.  The court found that he had sufficient knowledge of the errors and did not did not take appropriate action to pay the taxes.

GETTING PERSONAL: Charity Board Memebers Focus on Taxes