Monday June 22, 2009

Nonprofits in the Boston area are being urged to merge in order to cut costs during the economic crises. The Boston Foundation found that the number of organizations in the area has doubled in the past few years despite a lack of growth in funding. The Foundation hopes consolidation will allow nonprofit organizations to share administrative costs and reduce redundancies.

Area nonprofits feel urge to merge

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has offered a voluntary severance package to 42% of its employees.  The foundation’s assets have fallen from $10billion to $7billion over the past year.  The foundation has long worked on health care issues and is cutting administrative staff in order to stabilize its level of grant giving over the next few years.

Foundation Trims Staff After Assets Slide Lower

Aid workers are being allowed into Sri Lankan war displacement camps after the 25 year long civil war ended in May.  UN trucks are being allowed near full access to the camps, and the government of Sri Lanka hopes to return 80% of the population of the camps to their areas of origin in the next year

Aid gets into Sri Lankan camps, few people get out-UN