Tuesday June 23, 2009

The 2009 Global Humanitarian Forum is being held today and tomorrow in Geneva to prepare a humanitarian aid response to the disasters caused by global warming.  The forum is chaired by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and includes high ranking officials from UNICEF and the International Federation of the Red Cross.  Among other topics, the forum will focus on how climate change exacerbates existing vulnerabilities among people living in poverty, and why humanitarian organizations should link poverty alleviation work to climate change.

Climate change will cause greater humanitarian aid unless we act now

The UN has requested an additional $38 million in emergency aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo in response to an increase in violence between government forces and various rebel groups.  The increase in violence follows unsuccessful military operations by the national army composed partially of Rwandan Tutsi rebels who were granted amnesty.

Rise in Armed Attacks in Eastern Congo Prompts UN Aid Appeal

At a conference today, Her Royal Highness Princess Basma of Jordan discussed the need to increase investment in local agriculture to improve rural food security.  The Agricultural Credit Corporation and the World Bank have both nearly doubled microfinance loans to farms in Jordan.  The three day conference is to also cover the stability of financed projects, the financial crisis, food and commodity prices, and climate change.

Microfinance vital for agriculatural sector developement