Wednesday June 24,2009

A roadside bomb killed three aid workers in Northern Afghanistan, a region of the country considered to be relatively safe compared to the South.  Two engineers and a driver of the Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan, a UN partner organization, were killed on their way to build homes for Afghan refugees.

Roadside Bomb Kills 3 Aid Workers in Northern Afghanistan

An analysis of the brand value of nonprofits found that the Y.M.C.A., Salvation Army, and United Way of America had the three most valuable names.  The study by Cone LLC, a marketing firm, and Intangible Business, a brand-valuation company, emphasizes the need for nonprofits to build up and utilize name recognition in order to raise revenue.  It also notes that environmental groups seem to have the lowest value brand names despite an increasing following among donors.

An Analysis Ranks Brands of Nonprofit

Cone Nonprofit Powerbrand 100

Over half of all Washington, D.C. area nonprofits have less then three months budget in a financial reserve, and over a quarter have none at all, according to a study by the Urban Institute.  Striking the balance between having sufficient reserves and maximizing service is most difficult for organizations such as soup kitchens and homeless shelters that provide a direct service to the public.  The study suggests that a reserve of at least three months is necessary to ensure that nonprofits can weather financial hardship.

Nonprofits Imperiled By Low Reserves

Funding for programs that aid woman and girls is increasing at a significantly faster rate than general charitable giving.  From 1990 to 2006, charitable giving to women’s groups has increased by 223% while overall giving increased by only 177%.

Philanthropic Giving for and by Women on the Rise, Study Finds

Highlights of “Accelerating Change for Women and Girls: The Role of Women’s Finds”

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