Friday June 26, 2009

Al Qaeda Killed Aid Worker in Mauritania

Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for the murder of an aid worker in Mauritania on Tuesday.  The attack was in retribution for “savage US bombs…mowing down our brothers in Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Released Journalist Calls for Iran to Free Aid Worker

An American-Iranian reporter, recently released from prison on charges of spying, has called for the release of her former cell mate, Silvia Harotonian, an American aid worker with International Research and Exchanges Board.  The US based organization provides maternal and child health care services to those in need.  Silvia was arrested on charges trying to foster a revolution and is serving a 3 year sentence.

UN Conference on Development Falls Short of Hopes

The UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development ended today with limited success for the developing world.  The conference called on UN members to increase aid to developing countries but did little to ease concerns of a potential debt crisis.  Most of the aid has come in the forms of loans, burdening the developing world with debt.