Monday, June 29, 2009

Blockade of Gaza Prevents Humanitarian Aid

The Israeli blockade of Gaza has made it nearly impossible to rebuild the infrastructure damaged in the fighting last December.  Palestinians are unable to get basic goods such as some medicines, building supplies, seedlings, calves, and schoolbooks, leading 40 international NGO’s and UN agencies to call for the “free and uninhibited access” of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Saudi Charity Linked to Weapons in Somalia

Newly released Department of Defense documents link an official government charity of Saudi Arabia to weapons given to the Somali warlord responsible for the 1993 Battle of Magodishu. The charity is accused of hiding weapons in containers that are supposed to contain food and humanitarian aid.  In a related story, President Obama has pledged to send the Somali government weapons to promote stability in the region.

Obama Gives Another $150m to Jordan

President Obama has signed a bill giving Jordan an additional $150 million in economic aid for 2009, bringing the total amount to $513 million for this year.