Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Free Gaza Movement Attempts to Break Israeli Blockade

Activist on a ship full of humanitarian aid headed for Gaza claim that Israeli warships threatened to open fire on them if they continued toward Gaza.  The ferry has twenty one activists from eleven countries as part of the Free Gaza Movement.  The activists are attempting to deliver the aid despite Israel’s blockade of the area.

Charities May Have to Pay Back Donations from Madoff

Charities that received money from Ponzi scheme operators may be forced to pay it back.  Investors in a Ponzi scheme may be able to “clawback” some of fraudulent investments of the sceme, which would include money donated to charities by the company and its executives.

Ex-Google Exec has Creative Way to Choosing Charities

The Philanthropist reports that a former Google executive, Paul Buchheit, has decided the best way for him to donate money is through what he is calling a collective charity.  “I’m going to donate a bunch of money, but I want random people on the Internet to decide where it goes.”