Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charity Fights African Poverty with Cell Phone Applications

The Grameen Foundation, in partnership with Google, has launched a mobile phone service for the poor in Uganda.  In addition to placing calls, the service has applications that include a virtual market place, health information, and a real time agricultural database.

Terrorists Aid the Displaced in Pakistan

Extremist Islamic charities are using the aid crisis in Pakistan as a source of recruitment.  The charities are taking advantage of shortcomings in foreign aid by setting up their own camps, distribution centers, and even clinics to help and recruit displaced people.  This stands in contrast to the heavy restrictions by the Pakistani government on US efforts to deliver aid.  Pakistan insists that US presence be “invisible.”

World Banks Lending at Record Level

Lending at the World Bank has increased 54% over last year to a record $59 billion.   The financial crisis has increased the number of requests for loans and the Banks expects the high rate of loans to continue throughout much of 2010.