Monday. July 6, 2009

UK Pledges $1.6 Billion to War Torn Countries

The UK has pledged to spend $1.6 billion USD on security and job creation to help stabilize nations recovering from violent conflicts.  The aid is targeted towards twenty countries including Sierra Leone, Nepal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and Chad.  The aid will be delivered through the newly renamed UK Aid.

Haiti: a Success in Battle Against Aids

Two highly regarded charities, Partners in Health and GHESKIO, are credited for highlighting prevention and providing AIDS medication, which has kept the infection rate of Haitians low.  In 1980, experts predicted an infection rate of up to a third of the population, similar to sub-Saharan Africa, but the infection stands at a remarkably low 3.1 percent.  The organizations run free AIDS clinics, education centers, and have provided 51 million free condoms since 2004.

British Hedge Fund Manager Donated Over 1 Billion GBP to Charity

Chris Hohn, who runs the hedge fund TCI, donated nearly 500 million GBP last year to a charity ran by his wife.  While many philanthropists are reducing their donations, Hohn increased his contribution from 276 million GBP last year, putting his total donations to the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) over 1 billion GBP.  CIFF helps children in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

Afghan Gunmen Kidnap 16 Aid Workers

On Sunday, unidentified gunmen captured 16 people working for a UN anti-mine program in Eastern Afghanistan.  In a neighboring province, two Dutch aid workers were kidnapped on Saturday.

Irish Aid Worker Kidnapped in Sudan

Government officials are in Sudan to negotiate the release of an Irish woman working for the aid group Goal.  She was taken on Sunday while working in Darfur.