Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sri Lanka Taxes Humanitarian Aid

The Sri Lankan government has begun enforcing a tax on humanitarian aid originally set in 2006.  The tax calls for 0.9 percent of all funding an NGO receives, backdated to 2005.  The tax will siphon millions of dollars away from humanitarian purposes and hamper the operations of organizations like Save the Children, which is liable for over $500,000 in back taxes as a result of the tax.

Oxfam Declares Climate Change to be the Greatest Humanitarian Threat

Oxfam released a report stating that the effects of global climate change are likely to be the greatest threat to humanity in the coming century.  The report claims that Asian cyclones, African famine, and droughts in Canada are a result of climate change and follows US military assessments that say climate related migration is likely to be the greatest cause of war and instability in many regions of the world.  Oxfam urges the G8 and Canada specifically, to increase efforts to curb greenhouse gasses and provide more funding for climate related humanitarian aid.