Friday, September 11, 2009

OFAC Eases Restrictions on Aid to Sudan

The Treasury Department has amended regulations to allow for the exportation of agricultural supplies and medicines to certain areas in Sudan.  The measure is expected to increase the ability of aid groups to bring necessary supplies into the country.

Padded Death Tolls in Darfur?

Aljazeera reported that a former translator for World NGOs in Darfur claims that he intentionally padded the death tolls in Darfur in order to build a case against President Omar al-Bashir in the International Criminal Court (ICC).  The translator, Salah al Din Mansour, also claims to have fabricated the government’s role in “tribal clashes.”  President al-Bashir has long insisted that the UN death toll was grossly exaggerated, and that international NGOs were fabricating stories to draw the attention of the ICC.

Financial Advisors Talk Philanthropy

Forbes published an article discussing the role of financial advisors in helping clients get the most out of their philanthropic dollar.  The article gives a brief outline to “help guide conversations” between advisors and clients.