Monday, September 21, 2009

Muslim Charities Seeks Accreditation to Ease Terrorism Fears

Muslim Americans are looking to accreditation organizations in order to ensure that their Zakat is not spent on charities with real or perceived ties to terrorist organizations.  Muslim Advocates and the Muslim Charities Accreditation Program advise Muslim nonprofits on the best ways to ensure transparency and accountability.  Both organizations also advise donors on the best ways to ensure their donations are spent according to their wishes.

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Campaign Finance Rule

In Emily’s List v. FEC, the federal appeals court for DC struck down a campaign finance law that put a $5,000 cap on the amount of money that a 527 (a name given to the organizations by the section of the tax code that regulates them) could spend in an attempt to influence a federal election.  The court found that the cap on expenditures violated the First Amendment Rights of the Emily’s List, a 527 organization that promotes pro-choice female candidates for office.  The campaign finance cap was put into place after to 2004 presidential election when 527 organizations such as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and were criticized for their heavy campaigning.