Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gender Gap in Nonprofit Leadership Narrowing

The 2009 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report shows that the percentage of female CEOs running nonprofits continued to increase through 2007, although the pace has slowed.  47% of nonprofit CEOs were women in 2007, compared with 46% in 2006 and 41% in 2005.  Additionally, 56% of nonprofits with annual expenses of less than $1 million are run by females, an increase of one percent from the previous year and six percent from 2005.  The percentage of women running nonprofits with over $1 million in expenses remained more stagnant at 36% for 2007 and 2006, increasing from 34% in 2005.

A Private Brooklyn Foundation Goes Public to Support the Borough

The Independence Community Foundation, the largest Brooklyn based private charity, is changing its tax status to allow it to raise money in addition to its $50 million endowment.  The charity, which will rename itself the Brooklyn Community Foundation, will be the first major public charity to focus all of its grants on a single borough of New York City.  Currently, New York State leads the country in philanthropic giving, with over $5 billion in donations annually, but 90% of New York City area charitable giving goes to Manhattan.