Wednesday, October 7, 2009

US Ramps Up Aid to Indonesia

Two Navy ships and a USAID flight with 50 tons of humanitarian aid are expected to arrive in Sumatra today or tomorrow as part of the relief operation following the 7.6 magnitude earth quake last week.  Additionally a supply ship with four helicopters, each capable of holding 30-40 people, were recently cleared for operation to allow workers to reach villagers in remote areas.  This is the largest relief effort in Indonesia since the 2004 tsunami.

Obama Administration Announces $650 Million to Education Innovators

President Obama announced his intention to create a $650 million grant competition to benefit schools and nonprofits with innovative ideas on how to “narrow achievement gaps, reduce high school dropout rates, and improve teacher and principle effectiveness.”  The program, funded by the federal stimulus package, is part of a $5 billion “Race to the Top” program to improve education in America.

Suicide Bomber Attacks UN World Food Program office in Pakistan

On Tuesday, a suicide bomber dressed in the uniform of the Frontier Corps, a Pakistani security force, entered a World Food Program office in Islamabad.  He made his way threw tight security before detonating 16 pounds of explosives in the lobby, killing five workers.