Tuesday, October 13, 2009

IRS Clarifies Grant Restrictions

According to the Philanthropy Journal, the IRS released a Private Letter Ruling allowing Alliance for Justice, a 501(h) nonprofit, to give a general operating grant to a nonprofit with lobbying activities without the grant counting against its own lobbying limits.  The letter said that the Alliance for Justice can also give grants earmarked to a specific program that includes lobbying so long as the grant is not earmarked specifically for lobbying.  Private Letter Rulings only apply to the entity that requests them, in this case the Alliance for Justice.

Sudanese Sentenced to Death for the Murder of USAID Official

Four Sudanese men were sentenced to death for the 2008 murder of a USAID official, John Grainville, and his driver in the Sudanese city of Khartoum.  Mr. Grainville was the first American diplomat killed in Khartoum in over 30 years.

Gunmen in Philippines Kidnap Irish Priest

Six gunmen believed to be Islamic militants kidnapped a 78 year old Irish priest, Michael Sinnott.  Mr. Sinnott was taken from his residence, loaded into a van, and taken out to sea by his captors.  No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping yet.