(The Wall Street Journal Blog) The fight against breast cancer is promoting itself through fast food chicken, ironically enough.  KFC will be selling pink buckets of Original recipe and Grilled chicken to support The Susan G. Komen for the Cure, sparking considerable concern among health-conscious individuals.  The American Cancer Society reports that extra body fat can contribute to breast cancer, and obese women have a shorter survival rate against cancer.  The Susan G. Komen charity reports that they entered this partnership in order to reach a broader audience; furthermore, the charity cites grilled chicken and vegetable sides as healthy options for KFC eaters.

(Buffalo News) Sister Mary McCarrick has been officially appointed to serve as diocesan director of Catholic Charities in Buffalo.  She is the first woman to serve such a position since its inception in 1923.  Ms. McCarrick’s work for Catholic Charities began in the 1980s, which included 10 years working as a licensed social worker in Buffalo and Lackawanna.  She was appointed by Bishop Edward U. Kmiec.  Ms. McCarrick expresses particular concern for the difficult economy.  “As the needs go up, the number of people who can offset that with money decreases,” she said, but she remains optimistic:  “We have an excellent staff, well trained in the various facets necessary for our mission.”