Luke Sharrett photo, the New York Times

(New York Times Blog) Most of the Obamas’ charitable giving went to well known groups:  $50,000 to CARE; $50,000 to the United Negro College Fund; $20,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of DC; $15,000 to the National MS Society, and $15,000 to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  However, the Obamas also gave substantial amounts of money to lesser known nonprofits.  Here are some that interested us:

1.  The Christopher House–builds communities by helping low-income children and their families.

2.  Book Worm Angels–provides free in-classroom lending libraries to underperforming schools in Illinois in order to foster recreational reading; books are distributed to pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students

3.  Life Pieces to Masterpieces–serves young African American men in Washington D.C. through art-based curriculum

4.  Boundless Readers–serves children in the Chicago area who are not reading at their level in order to promote a better society of thinkers

5.  Calvary Women’s Shelter–a shelter for women that provides nutritious meals and a place to sleep as well as employment opportunities and counseling services

6.  Crusade of Mercy–part of United Way; provides health and social service to residents in the Chicago area

7.  Miriam’s Kitchen–provides healthy meals to the homeless in Washington, D.C.

8.  The Harmony Project–helps kids stay in school and fosters positive youth development through music lessons and orchestra performances, especially for at-risk youth

9.  The Posse Foundation–selects “posses” of public high school students with excellent leadership and academic potential to attend partner universities; fueled by the idea that a group of students will provide the best support to enable success

10.  Fisher House Foundation–builds and supports “comfort homes” on the grounds of military and VA medical centers; a “home away from home” that enables military families to have a peaceful space in their time of need