(The Washington Post)  The anticipated 15% budget cut for Prince William County residents seems to have taken a happier turn.  The Prince William Board of County Supervisors began the initial approval process for an $844 million fiscal 2011 budget on Monday, enabling funding for local nonprofits and no closures for county libraries.  The budget is $8 million more than what was proposed, but it is still $1.3 million less than the fiscal 2010 budget.  Though nonprofits might not suffer as much as they thought, other negatives remain.  Job losses, salary freezes, and delayed road and park projects will be consequences of the new budget.  The final approval is scheduled for Tuesday.

(The Austin Statesman) Former director of Family Connections Louanne Aponte has stolen over $300,000 from the nonprofit, investigators said.  Family Connections, a nonprofit committed to early childhood education and positive parenting, was forced to shut down after Ms. Aponte reportedly stole $327,000 from the organization between 2004 and September 2009.  Part of the stolen money funded a $53,000 Mercedes.  Ms. Aponte has worked and volunteered for several nonprofits over the years and has stolen from former employers as well, spending some time in prison in consequence.  Some of Ms. Aponte’s colleagues suspect she may have left the country, as her husband has relatives in Venezuela.

(The Nonprofit Quarterly) According to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Arnold Schwarzenegger has earned a spot on the list of 11 worst governors partly because of his manipulation of nonprofits.  CREW’s report shows that Gov. Schwarzenegger used a group of several nonprofits to fund his cushy lifestyle and various public events.  Nonprofits are typically exempt from campaign finance regulations, including limits on donations.  Two utility companies donated $200,000 to the nonprofit network after Gov. Schwarzenegger told the public he would not be receiving donations from utility companies due to his state energy policy.  CREW concluded that Gov. Schwarzenegger “used non-profit and campaign funds for personal benefit,” making his spot on the list obligatory.