Photo taken from; Major Phil Packer raises money for charity in the London Marathon.

(BBC News,  Just as the Boston Marathon raised money for charity, our friends across the pond are likewise running for a cause.  In the London Marathon,competitors are racing to benefit everything from cancer patients to Britain’s wildflowers.  Perhaps one of the most incredible stories, however, belongs to Major Phil Packer, an army hero who suffered severe injury to his spine while stationed in Iraq.  He has raised £13 million on various charity walks since his injury in 2008, and in this year’s marathon, he completed the race in 25 hours and 55 minutes, stopping only once for physiotherapy. “Last year it took 14 days,” he said, “I think you could say this is some improvement. This was tough.”  He was cheered on by hundreds of supporters, including Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who interrupted his campaign to join him for part of the last leg.  Major Phil Packer raised money for 26 charities for this year’s race, and he plans to open a children’s center in West Sussex in the near future.

(BBC News)  Actor Jackie Chan is giving back to China after the earthquake that hit Qinghai in early April.  Mr. Chan and over 100 celebrities from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China put on a charity concert that raised over $4.8 million.  Over 2,200 have died from the earthquake.  Actor Andy Lau noted the intensity of the devastation:  “The quake area is located in a plateau. It’s ten times worse than we thought. And the winter will come soon. It is urgent to take action.”