(BBC)  Armed groups in the Dominican Republic have led John Holmes, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator at the United Nations, to investigate on site.  Aid workers are repeatedly confronted with violence, rape, and lootings in the Congo.  Though better security was promised to aid workers and civilians by the end of last year, uncertain violence remains a routine threat.  On Monday, Mr. Holmes plans to discuss security for civilians with President Joseph Kabila.

(The Associated Press)  Two aid workers have been killed in Oaxaca, Mexico in an attack Tuesday.  Finnish human rights worker Jyri Jaakkola suffered a gunshot to his head, and Mexican political activist Beatriz Carino Trujillo was also killed.  The shootings began when their caravan containing 27 people stopped in a roadblock.  Oaxaca state Interior Secretary Evencio Martinez expressed concern about the safety of the caravan: “Whoever organized this caravan will have to answer for it, whoever invited these people … without taking precautions, because I think these people did not know what the situation and problems in the area were.”  

Today, two journalists, photographer David Cilia and reporter Erika Ramirez, were rescued by Mexican authorities.  Mr. Cilia has three gunshot wounds, but they are not life-threatening.  Mr. Cilia and Ms. Ramirez are in stable condition and are undergoing treatment for their injuries and dehydration in the town of Juxtlahuaca.