Photo taken from The New York Times; Mustafa Ozer/Agence France-Presse--Getty Images

(New York Times)  Though we recently wrote about the Americans who returned safely after the flotilla attack near Gaza, one American was unfortunately not so lucky.  A Troy, New York native with dual Turkish citizenship, 19-year-old Furkan Dogan was among the nine killed in the raid.  All of those dead suffered bullet wounds.  Mr. Dogan’s brother, Mustafa, remembers Mr. Dogan as “clean-hearted with a happy face.”  “We didn’t expect him to come back like this,” he said. “However, we were not sorry to hear that he fell like a martyr.”  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed sympathies to the family and reported that two other Americans have been wounded in the raid.  Thousands in Turkey are mourning.

(BBC)  Chris Highnam, a sailor, will travel for two weeks by boat from Plymouth to London in hopes of raising £20,000 for  Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion.  One soldier who was injured in Afghanistan, Mark Stonelake, will join Mr. Highnam’s team.  Mr. Stonelake expressed his gratitude:  “It means a lot… it’s just everyone doing their bit to try and raise as much as possible.”  Other injured soldiers will join Mr. Highnam as the journey progresses.  Mr. Highnam will begin his voyage on July 8.

(Press Release) Hockey is not the only thing on the minds of the Grand Rapids Michigan Griffins; it seems charitable giving is also a high priority.  The team will be giving some $330,000 to various charities and nonprofits in West Michigan this season, with the Griffins Youth Foundation receiving the highest amount.  The team also donated hundreds of tickets to unemployed families through their Give-Back Program and Michigan Works.  Over the past eight seasons, they have given over $2.5 million in charitable money for West Michigan.