(CNN)  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are conducting what is said to be the biggest philanthropic project in history.  About a year ago, the two men, along with several other well known billionaires, organized a private dinner in New York to discuss philanthropy.  Now, the specifics from the meeting are becoming clear.  Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett propose that billionaires donate half of their net worth–either at death or in their lifetimes–to charity.  Though they are targeting billionaires in this cause, anybody is encouraged to donate.

(The Guardian)  According to the Red Cross, some 20,000 people hoping for asylum in the UK are living solely on charities and suffering from malnutrition and poverty.  The Red Cross calls the UK’s asylum system as “inhumane” and “shameful.”  The charity suggests that asylum seekers should be supported throughout the application process, and if that application is denied, they should be aided in leaving the country.  Joseph Nibizi, who is in charge of the Red Cross food distribution for asylum seekers in Birmingham, said, “You can remove people back to their home country, or you can keep them here. But you have to give people food. You cannot starve people out of the country.”  The government insists that it is making an effort toward progress in this issue; minister of immigration Damian Green said that asylum seekers who are denied will be assisted by the government as needed.