(Chicago Tribune)  Two Alzheimer’s charities are battling over donor funds.  The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America alleges that the Alzheimer’s Association, based in Chicago, has unfairly deposited donations.  The disagreement began in 2007, when donor Mildred Harbaugh asked her trustees to distribute 60% of her estate to four separate charities, one of which was the “Alzheimer’s Foundation.”  The problem is that Ms. Harbaugh’s trust listed the address of the Alzheimer’s Association, not the Foundation, which has headquarters in New York.  The Foundation commenced an investigation on the Association to assure that other checks meant for other organizations were not deposited.  Association representatives claim that checks are deposited by their “third-party processor” so long as “Alzheimer’s” in the subject line.

(The Wall Street Journal)  Charities at risk of losing their tax-exempt status due to the 2006 provision have until October 15 to file.  Many nonprofits that neglected to file for three years in a row faced a revoked tax-exempt status back in May, but the IRS feels a deadline extension is necessary.   IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman noted, “These groups do great work in communities across the United States and are vital to the vibrancy of our nation.  The last thing we at the IRS want to do is to have these groups lose their tax-exempt status because they haven’t filed a short, simple form.”