From; Mr. McNealy and 12-year-old son, Dakota.  Photo by Peter DaSilva/The New York Times

(The New York Times)  Education comes at a price, and Scott G. McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, is aware of that.  Anywhere between $8 and $15 billion is spent each year on textbooks in the United States, says Mr. McNealy, and his nonprofit, Curriki, aims to remedy that expense through open-source textbooks.  Curriki, an online database of open-source textbooks, strives “to provide free, high-quality curricula and education resources to teachers, students and parents around the world,” but like many nonprofits, money is hard to come by.  “We are growing nicely,” Mr. McNealy said, “but there is a whole bunch of stuff on simmer.”  Mr. McNealy hopes to expand Curriki by using his experience with Sun Microsystems to develop a more organized approach for acquiring educational resources.