(The Wall Street Journal)  As evidenced by a June 2010 survey from Guide Star USA, public charities and private foundations are suffering from the recession but still maintain a solid fight.  Approximately 40% of charities received fewer donations this year than at the same time last year, yet the demand for services has increased for 63% of charities.  “For the most part,” the report says in its introduction, “the pain was pretty well spread among different types of organizations.”  Interestingly,  mental health and crisis management charities are taking a harder hit than most.  They have experienced fewer donations this year coupled with a 78% increase for service need.  Fortunately, only an estimated 8% of charities are facing a possible fold, and a high majority–88%–said they will come out of the recession in decent shape.

(CNN)  The second World Humanitarian Day is tomorrow, and the UN has already issued a statement regarding the perils aid workers face, particularly in Afghanistan.  In the first six months of this year, 19  UN staff workers and aid workers were attacked; 63 have been abducted, and 7 have died.   Special representative of the UN Secretary-General Robert Watkins is encouraging all involved with the Afghan conflict to allow aid workers to do their work without being attacked or killed.