Photo by Oliver Alabaster, taken from The Washington Post

(The Washington Post)  Longtime international development advocate Horst Wagner died after a battle with gallbladder cancer at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore.  He was 73.  Mr. Wagner worked for the World Bank for over twenty years and was especially concerned with forestry and conservation on an international level.  Among other major projects, he reforested 2 million acres of barren land in China, and he has provided his expertise to every continent except Antarctica.  His work in 49 countries was no easy task–he suffered from an unknown virus that caused his lung to collapse, typhoid, hepatitis, a serious injury from being run over by a motorcycle, and he has survived two plane crashes.  Mr. Wagner refused several promotions that would have kept him in an office and out of harm’s way; he preferred working with local foresters in the field.  Many will miss him, including his wife of 41 years, Maria Luise Alber Wagner.