Actor Mark Ruffalo raised money for The Felix Organization.

Photo taken from The Wall Street Journal Online/by A. E. Fletcher

(The Wall Street Journal)  On Monday, several celebrities became brokers for a day at the Cantor Fitzgerald affiliate BGC Partners in honor of BGC’s Charity Day.  Monday’s revenue–an estimated $13 million–will be divided among 75 charities worldwide.  Celebrities, who included John McEnroe, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Hilary Duff, helped close deals.

(Bloomberg)  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, in their efforts to recruit the world’s wealthiest to give more money to charity, are planning a trip to China.  In a letter, Mr. Buffett and Mr. Gates said, “The present generation of successful entrepreneurs has an opportunity to set an example for future generations in China.  It is very likely they will have a substantial impact on how large- scale philanthropy grows and develops in modern China.”