(The Washington Post)  D.C. Council Member Harry Thomas Jr. has been accused of inventing a “slush fund” by District Republicans.   Mr. Thomas’s charitable program, the Team Thomas/SwingAway LLC program, is not registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt nonprofit, and according to DCRA, its license has been revoked. Accountant Tim Day is bolstered by Republicans and is challenging Mr. Thomas in the November 2 general election.  Mr. Thomas claims that he decided against registering his organization with the IRS because he plans to close it and start another.  However, Mr. Day is not convinced: “This is a fake organization.  If [Mr. Thomas] has truly received money and donations and has given it back to his community, he should be more than willing to provide documentation.”  The charity in question is intended to support young people in the community.  Mr. Thomas is currently developing a list of expenses and donations and plans to make the information public in the next few weeks.

(The Guardian)  According to The Afghanistan NGO Safety Office (ANSO), aid workers are strongly advised to receive permission from the Taliban before working in Taliban-controlled areas.  Statistics show that risks are even higher than they were last year at the same time, and in light of that information, aid workers should take all possible precautions.