(New York Times)  David Bornstein’s blog about the profitability of microfinance companies details the controversies that inevitably arise with microfinancing, a $25 billion industry that gained ground about two decades ago.  Some argue that if microfinancing becomes substantially profitable, it will attract profit-seekers who lack the goodwill to help impoverished people.  Mr. Bornstein points out, however, that with increased government assistance–such as providing credit guarantees–microfinancing seems to be headed in the right direction.  He cites USAID’s help with Root Capital, a nonprofit social investment fund, as an example of this type of partnership.

(CNN)  Two bodies of aid workers, both women, were discovered in Afghanistan Sunday morning.  One of the aid workers is said to be the head of Mahjoba Herawi, an NGO.  More information about this recent tragedy is expected in the coming days.