(CNET) Called “micro-volunteering,” a new San Francisco-based company called Sparked is connecting corporate employees with nonprofit volunteer opportunities around the world.  Using a volunteering software platform, employees can sign on during their lunch break and complete critical tasks such as language translation, editing, IT assistance, marketing, social media strategy, and more.

Sparked works with 2,500 nonprofits and instantly links them with volunteers, cutting out the tedious process of posting a volunteer ad, vetting candidates, and interviewing.  Instead, individuals can log on to the platform at their desktops, at home, or even on their mobile devices as they commute—and choose from various projects that match their skill sets and interests.

Another company, Catchafire, offers a similar service, requiring a 5 hour per week commitment over three months, and places a greater emphasis on individual participation over corporate employees.

These new companies offer a fast, efficient way for nonprofits to complete vital tasks, while also giving individuals a chance to expand their professional networks, add more experience to their resumes, and give back to their communities—a win-win for everyone involved.