November 2012

Since we are the NonProfit Monitor, I wanted to start having weekly blogs on various nonprofits throughout the nation. Whether they be education, environment or disaster aid organizations, there will be a variety to read about!


Children Beyond Our Borders (CBOB) is an international nonprofit that was founded by a young group of students in 2003 at the University of Florida to work with underprivileged and internally displaced children in Latin America. These students were a part of the Colombian Student Association and felt the need to give back to their homeland, thus, out of the community service committee they started this nonprofit to use Education as an Empowerment tool “to help cultivate a world of Peace, Justice, and Equal Opportunity” to help alleviate the pains from the internal strife in Colombia.

CBOB has now grown to be internationally recognized 501(c)(3) organization and has two major programs. These programs are the Nuevos Horizontes program and the I AM CBOB Scholarship. Nuevos Horizontes is an e-mentoring and vocational program that seeks to help at-risk youth gain important entrepreneurial skills that they can transfer to their chosen career paths. “Our students have learned to break boundaries and push themselves toward goals they once thought unreachable.” The I AM CBOB Scholarships consists of applicants that have completed the Nuevos Horizontes program and are pursuing a college education. If chosen, these scholarship recipients receive an all-expense paid college education. The funds go towards tuition, transportation, food, books, etc. The scholars have many personal stories to share that illustrate what has led them to their pursuance of higher education.

Currently, CBOB has begun a new campaign called “What does Education mean to you?”. This campaign seeks to find the value of education towards all individuals, whether you be a teacher, student, entrepreneur, scientist, etc. CBOB wants to know how YOU value education. To see more about this photo campaign and what people have been saying, click HERE.

If you’re interested in learning more about CBOB, participating in the photo campaign, or supporting the Nuevos Horizontes and I AM CBOB Scholarship programs, you can click the embedded links above or visit


Stay tuned for many more inspirational nonprofits! Have a lovely Tuesday.


In recent presidential debates, the topic of unemployment came up quite a bit and for good reason. However, is the task of creating jobs limited to the public and private sector? What about the nonprofit sector? A Nonprofit is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals and missions rather than using revenues for profits or dividends. Nonprofits usually have goals that are oriented towards public service and the well-being of a specific cause. But can organizations that do not make profits be sustainable? The answer thus far has been yes, to date there are roughly 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. If you’re unsure if you know about any nonprofits, I can assure you that you know at least one. Well-known nonprofits include Habitat for Humanity, Girls Scouts, Amnesty International, the NRA, and Red Cross.

According to CNN, the nonprofit sector employs about 1 in 10 Americans and has become the third largest labor force behind retail trade and manufacturing. In the past decade, the nonprofit sector has grown at an average rate of 2% while the for-profit sector has shrunk by about 0.6%. Some reasons for this may be that nonprofits are resilient, but also that unlike for profit organizations, nonprofits can be more flexible and also sustain some type of government funding. Nonprofits are great for all types of people with varying skills because like any other big corporation, nonprofits need managers, human resource professionals, graphic designers, educators, social workers, grant writers, volunteers, accountants, and many more positions, and more times than not nonprofits are looking for dedication and passion. With this variety of job positions, it is no wonder that nonprofits are able to employ so many people. A study conducted by John Hopkins University concluded that the reason why nonprofits have registered a higher employment rate is because these organizations are active in a variety of fields; this sector encompasses all fields ranging from health to education to the environment.

The lingering questions then must be, how do employees get paid? It is true that nonprofits don’t earn any money at the end of a fiscal year, but this is because this money is spent on the organization’s programs as well as its employees. Nonprofits gain funding in many ways such as federal and local grants, donations, foundation funding, fundraising events, and in some cases nonprofits create and sell a product such as the Livestrong bracelets. So if you are currently seeking employment, or know someone who is, maybe consider the endless list of nonprofits in the United States today. You can both gain networking, experience, skills you may not have considered before, and most important something you are happy to dedicate yourself to.

Hurricane Sandy has been one of the largest storms that has hit the Northern East Coast in years. While many were prepared for the storm, many people were not prepared for what the storm would leave. Sandy was at first classified as a tropical storm when it made its way up the East Coast from the Caribbean. However, when reaching the northern East Coast, Sandy because a dangerous storm that spanned almost 1,000 miles. In some states where the weather was colder, Sandy created even larger snowstorms and covered areas with up to 2 feet of snow. In other areas such as New York and New Jersey, rains flooded the area, taking out power lines, trees, and even filling the New York Subway system. In the DMV area, major transportation was shut down and schools cancelled. This hurricane that landed in late October also had its effects on the Presidential election that was to come on November 6. Many campaigns were cancelled as areas were put under evacuation and warning and President Obama took a short hiatus to deal with the storm.

It has been a little over two weeks since the storm, and where has this left the country?

Today many organizations have created relief efforts for those affected by Sandy. The Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation (HSRF) is a non 501(c)3 Non Profit that was founded on October 30, 2012 by victims for the victims. The HSRF are people of the communities hit by the hurricane who saw that they themselves and their neighbors needed help. Thus, they provided resources to local shelters in the area and volunteered to clean up debris and rebuild their own communities. Another organization called Hope for New York was founded with the mission “to provide volunteer and financial resources to organizations serving the poor and marginalized of New York City. Today, they have created a relief effort for those in New York City by helping to channel volunteers who want to donate their time and give them opportunities within the local areas to help clean up, donate, etc. The American Red Cross is currently created a fund to gain financial donation to provide shelter, food, emotional support, and other assistance to victims of the storm. Along with the organizations listed above, there have been many more that are currently assisting in efforts for Hurricane Sandy relief and it is a wonderful thing to see people reaching out and helping others in need.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

-Anne Frank