Since we are the NonProfit Monitor, I wanted to start having weekly blogs on various nonprofits throughout the nation. Whether they be education, environment or disaster aid organizations, there will be a variety to read about!


Children Beyond Our Borders (CBOB) is an international nonprofit that was founded by a young group of students in 2003 at the University of Florida to work with underprivileged and internally displaced children in Latin America. These students were a part of the Colombian Student Association and felt the need to give back to their homeland, thus, out of the community service committee they started this nonprofit to use Education as an Empowerment tool “to help cultivate a world of Peace, Justice, and Equal Opportunity” to help alleviate the pains from the internal strife in Colombia.

CBOB has now grown to be internationally recognized 501(c)(3) organization and has two major programs. These programs are the Nuevos Horizontes program and the I AM CBOB Scholarship. Nuevos Horizontes is an e-mentoring and vocational program that seeks to help at-risk youth gain important entrepreneurial skills that they can transfer to their chosen career paths. “Our students have learned to break boundaries and push themselves toward goals they once thought unreachable.” The I AM CBOB Scholarships consists of applicants that have completed the Nuevos Horizontes program and are pursuing a college education. If chosen, these scholarship recipients receive an all-expense paid college education. The funds go towards tuition, transportation, food, books, etc. The scholars have many personal stories to share that illustrate what has led them to their pursuance of higher education.

Currently, CBOB has begun a new campaign called “What does Education mean to you?”. This campaign seeks to find the value of education towards all individuals, whether you be a teacher, student, entrepreneur, scientist, etc. CBOB wants to know how YOU value education. To see more about this photo campaign and what people have been saying, click HERE.

If you’re interested in learning more about CBOB, participating in the photo campaign, or supporting the Nuevos Horizontes and I AM CBOB Scholarship programs, you can click the embedded links above or visit


Stay tuned for many more inspirational nonprofits! Have a lovely Tuesday.