Mission: Rock and Wrap It Up! is an anti-poverty think tank. Using greening tactics, we recover food and other assets to agencies fighting poverty, increasing their operating budgets. This allows the agencies to hire more services such as tutors, social workers, job placement counselors and mental health counselors to attack the root cause of poverty.

The Rock and Wrap It Up! Program boxes up all prepared but untouched meals following rock concerts, sporting events and schools then delivers them to local food banks and charitable agencies. Rock and Wrap It Up! also collects and distributes toiletries and cleaning products from hotels, schools and other participating donors. Since its inception in 1991, Rock and Wrap It Up has: Donated to over 43,000 shelters and places of need Collaborated with 60 sports franchises, 150 bands, and 200 schools Collected more than 250 million pounds of food Fed more than 500 million people

Rock and Wrap It Up wrote and helped pass the Federal Food Donation Act which encourages all federal buildings to feed the poor and not put food into land fill. We reduce the planet’s poverty footprint by reducing society’s carbon footprint.

There are six sectors that Rock and Wrap It Up! work in which include Sports, Music, Education, Hotels, Entertainment: Film & TV, and Advocacy. Rock and Wrap It Up! partners with teams, bands, schools, businesses, etc. and make arrangements and create programs to have the participants and members of these groups find ways to gather leftover prepared but unserved food that can be donated.


If you would like to learn more about the programs and partners, or would like to learn about how to donate or volunteer you can visit