If you found this blog, than you probably know there are other great blogs out there.  In this new feature “Say What?” the Nonprofit Monitor will bring you a sampling of what some of the best blogs are saying about matters of interest to the nonprofit community.

Crooked Timber – World Humanitarian Day

Conor Foley wrote a piece on the announcement of World Humanitarian Day.  As a humanitarian worker who lost friends in the Canal Hotel bombing of 2003, he gives his reaction to honoring fallen aid workers.

Tactical Philanthropy- Why We Need Philanthropic Equity

Sean Stannard-Stackon, who writes for the Chronicle of Philanthropy, is promoting the idea that nonprofits need to differentiate money spend on delivering services and money spend on building the organization, which he calls philanthropic equity.  Highly recommended post.

PHILANTOPIC – Q&A With X PRIZE Foundation’s Peter Diamandis

Matt Sinclair of the Philanthropic News Digest interviews the chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation.  Mr. Diamandis discusses how the foundation uses prizes to incentivize innovation in philanthropic organizations.

The Nonprofit Law Prof Law Blog

There were five posts yesterday on changes in charity law in India, Azerbaijan, Zambia, and Serbia.  Zambia is attempting to restrict the operations of international NGOs, while the other three are revamping outdated systems and bringing their countries closer to international standards.