Oil spill cleanup, San Francisco Cosco Busan.  Photo taken from Matter of Trust website.

(USA Today) If you’re worried about the oil spill in the Gulf, go get a haircut.  San Francisco Nonprofit Matter of Trust is accepting donations for “booms,” or donated pantyhose stuffed with hair or fur.  Because hair and fur naturally absorb oil, these basic instruments are very efficient cleaners.  Matter of Trust’s co-founder Lisa Craig Gautier said, “For past spills such as the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, these simple booms have been highly effective and efficient at cleaning up oil.”  In 60 seconds, Ms. Gautier said, a pound of hair can absorb a quart of oil, and volunteers can wring out and reuse hair mats up to 100 times.  Gulf Coast cities are doing their best to donate hair, and washed pantyhose—even with small runs—are also being accepted.  Matter of Trust has received hundreds of thousands of pounds of hair from every US state and other countries and has been cleaning up oil spills with booms since 1998.

(DC United Press Release) DC United is competing against El Salvador in pursuit of the common good.  Ticket sales for the June 19 match will benefit the Spanish Catholic Center and United for DC.  Reverend Mario E. Dorsonville, executive director for the Spanish Catholic Center, expressed gratitude for the charitable game: “The Spanish Catholic Center has been serving families in the Metro DC area for more than 43 years. We open our doors to the needy and sick and provide them with the aid and hope that so many immigrants need. We hope this event awakens solidarity within the Salvadoran and Hispanic communities in Washington, DC so that together we can all make a positive impact in the lives of those who are in need of health and social services.”  United for DC’s mission is to foster literacy and healthy lifestyles for DC youth.